Dr. D. Mented

Dr. D. Mented is a Halloween-themed platform-game for de iPad.

On Halloween’s eve, after receiving a distress signal, you decide to head over to the Island of Mago. There you find the absentminded scientist Dr. D. Mented in desperate need of help.

Dr. D. Mented created a concoction from the book of Pandora. Preoccupied as he is, he added the wrong ingredients. The evil monsters of Pandora came to life.

The monsters tore the book apart. The pages were scattered around the island.
How can Dr. D. Mented fix this mess?

He is too old to evade the monsters, too slow to get the pages. He is a scientist, not an adventurer. That is why he sent out the distress signal.

You on the other hand are young and skillful. Help Dr. D. Mented collecting all the pages. Once all the pages are complete the book can be repaired. Dr. D. Mented can then create a serum from the book which will destroy all the monsters.

To blend in with the monsters, you will have to put on a costume.

Go ahead, get changed and help Dr. D. Mented.

Available on: iPad