Kamuara creates mobile applications which are straightforward and pleasant to work with, so your customer can utilize it to the max.

Because most ideas for mobile applications are complex we have created this checklist to help u capture your idea, your vision in a structured manner. This document will create a simplified businessplan for your mobile application. Try to answer the questions as brief as possible and skip questions which are not relevant to your situation.

We advise you to fill out this form in a group of three persons. This makes for a small efficient group which can make sure you don’t miss anything.

1. Organisation

What is the name of your company?

Describe your company

Describe the concept, product and/or service of your mobile application

We would like to keep our contacts up to date. Who are the most important contacts for this project and what is their role?

When would you like to start?

When should the application be ready?

What is your specific reason for these dates? (Eg. convention, productlaunch, active campaigns?)

Your budget is a key factor on how much time we can spend on your application.

2. Application

Write down your most important reasons for wanting to develop your mobile application?

In order of importance (high to low); what are the business goals for your mobile application (Eg. improving sales-rate, improving customer-satisfaction).

3. Audience

Who are going to the the mobile application. Describe the different type of customers as detailed as possible.

How do you think your audience experiences your company and your services.

What do you think the audience will use the application for?

Give a brief overview of your functional ideas for the application.

How are these functional ideas supported in your company-goals and the goals of your customers?

4. Closing Statements

We have tried to make this checklist as generic as possible, but every project is unique. Please use this area to enter any information which you think may be helpful.

What is your email-adres